Counselling Cell

Guidance and counselling cell is working with great proficiency in SIPS. The cell is headed by a professionally trained faculty that establishes a liaison between administration, parents and children . Numerous tasks are performed by the cell to redress the grievances of the students. Not only academic challenges, but other issues including behavioural problems, interpersonal as well as social or cultural barriers are also dealt with. Diagnostic tests to identify the individual needs of the students are conducted and measures are suggested accordingly.




  • 1. Providing comprehensive psychological assistance to students on various issues catering to their individual needs,
  • 2. Group counselling to address the issues that need a discourse in commonality,
  • 3. Special sessions to sensitize the adolescents on personal hygiene , hormonal changes and gender roles,
  • 4. Organising workshops to manage stress, time, emotional balance etc.
  • 5. Exclusive counselling sessions for senior students on career guidance,
  • 6. To plan an integrated programme for slow learners, children with special needs so that they remain a part of the mainstream.

Each initiative and activity of the cell is placed on record and a comprehensive report is prepared with the culmination of each session. Due care is taken to ensure that each student is benefitted out of the assistance of this cell.