06 Jun 2023

ENVIRONMENT WEEK CELEBRATIONS (02-06-2023 to 06-06-2023)

Environment Week Celebrations at SIPS (02-06-2023 to 06-06-2023)
Stephens International Public School celebrated Environment Week to raise awareness about keeping the environment clean and safe from pollution. An array of activities namely Slogan writing, Awareness rally, Presentation in the form of Charts, Banners, Posters, Plantation-drive, etc. were carried out during the week. Speeches were delivered and one act play highlighting the importance and need of plants, benefits of medicinal plants was presented. The history of "Chipko Movement” was also spotlighted in the said programme. All the members took the pledge to save the environment so that we can live a healthy and peaceful life in future.On the occasion of World Environment Day, Slogan Writing Competition was also organised by School. The students enthusiastically participated in various activities such as hand printing on the theme of land conservation and writing slogans on banning the use of plastic .The celebrations ended with educating students on how to plant and adopt a tree and motivated them to plant more and more trees.The Principal of the school, Mrs Rama Jamwal welcomed the students with an opening speech giving an insight into the importance of the day. She made the students aware of the need to take immediate action to save the environment and Mother Earth.She asked each one to do their bit by stopping the use of plastic bags, stop wasting food and start recycling for a green tomorrow. She said children should lead the eco-revolution and become change-makers .

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